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One final thing to think about: Show off your skills and enjoy the creative process of writing and creating this totally new art work. And above all, enjoy the process. This is one where you can have some fun and fun at the expense of others.

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Maybe your teacher can be transposed into Miss Havisham after all, assuming she is female of course. If the teacher does not then they have no passion for anything. It is part of a gcse creative writing moving images images section and is gcse creative writing moving images how film or films have influenced you. Here is my example. I was challenged by one of my students from last year, who got the C and said I could not do this inside the words word count.

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So Fiona, here it is, especially for you. It took me 15 minutes to complete as well. ap world history compare contrast essay format local newspaper is inviting people to write about films that have played an important part in their life. It shaped the rest of my life for I remember gcse creative writing moving images there on Easter Sunday and gcse creative writing moving images my tears of joy as I realised I had a new found friend.

But that is not the film that has shaped my thinking since its arrival into the theatres of our hearts and minds. I refer, of course, to the one and the only, Mr Forrest Gump. Starring Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, it portrays the idealisation of the American Dream in one person, but this is a person who is gcse creative writing moving images on by his peers, laughed at by his new Headteacher, mocked and made fun at throughout his life and someone who through all this, manages not only to keep his head above water, but love the woman of his dreams as he walks his sometimes, lone walk business plan for car wash industry the government of Richard Nixon, albeit inadvertently. He has a best friend called Bubba who he holds tightly whilst he passes away. He experiences the whole gamut of events and experiences and in the end manages to rise above all the negativity that life brings because he is extremely good at doing one thing; loving others.

And this is why this film is so influential in my gcse creative writing moving images. For you see, in my spare time, I am voluntarily employed as someone who leads worship in churches gcse creative writing moving images where I live.

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